The area of Sunny Isles Beach is one of the most beloved areas in all of South Florida, and one of the most popular buildings in the vicinity is easily Trump Palace. The units within the building have been selling at a brisk pace, as people love all of the benefits and options they have available. While the prices are certainly starting to climb, they are still within reasonable levels for many buyers, but you will want to start looking at the available properties before they are all gone.


Sunny Isles and Trump Palace is a match made in heaven. The building has a wealth of amenities and features, and it happens to be in one of the most desirable locations in South Florida. Residents will be within walking distance from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. In addition, it’s easy to get to Miami’s downtown area and a host of other places in mere minutes. It’s a fantastic place for a vacation, a permanent home, an investment property, or to raise a family. There is certainly plenty to love about Trump Palace and Sunny Isles Beach. Contact us today to learn more about the options available at Trump Palace!

1602$1,250,000$02/20Jul 27, 2021A11054479
609$2,750,000$1,2833/32143Jul 13, 2021A11008332
1509/1507$2,700,000$6694/44431Jun 15, 2021A10997057
505$980,000$6122/21600Jun 15, 2021A10755772
4902$1,800,000$9433/31909Jun 01, 2021A10894786
4102$1,575,000$8253/31909May 19, 2021A11017306
1601$1,500,000$6163/32435May 19, 2021A10956847
5002$1,700,000$8913/31909Apr 21, 2021A10798904
4802$1,920,000$8863/32474Apr 12, 2021A10918873
5507 (TS07)$1,800,000$7604/42369Mar 31, 2021A10868558
4608$1,700,000$8913/31909Mar 31, 2021A10858578
5204$1,027,500$7622/21348Oct 02, 2020A10860722
1601$1,300,000$6073/32143Sep 30, 2020A10828880
PH5404$1,800,000$6203/32431Feb 12, 2020A10696101
1603$725,000$5682/21276Feb 10, 2020A10697288
1603$725,000$5682/21276Feb 10, 2020A10697288
1708$650,000$5092/21276Feb 03, 2020A10687898
1708$650,000$5092/21276Feb 03, 2020A10687898
3904$1,500,000$8013/31873Nov 25, 2019A10744503
3904$1,500,000$8013/31873Nov 25, 2019A10744503
805$950,000$5942/21600Nov 22, 2019A10604154
805$950,000$5942/21348Nov 22, 2019A10604154
1501$1,470,000$5663/32143Nov 20, 2019A10650684
1501$1,470,000$5663/32595Nov 20, 2019A10650684
1904$1,050,000$7562/21600Aug 16, 2019A10648834
1909$1,900,000$7803/22435Aug 07, 2019A10577278
5302$1,500,000$5863/32844Jun 28, 2019A10428148
PH5104$1,085,000$6782/21600Jun 12, 2019A10531448
PENTHOUSE 5509$3,785,000$9144/44141May 09, 2019A10580897
3804$1,400,000$6463/32474May 03, 2019A10604879
1407$1,125,000$6812/21803Apr 18, 2019A10631911
4906$1,450,000$6693/32167Apr 17, 2019A10629122
4406$1,225,000$5653/32474Apr 03, 2019A10564496
5008$1,330,000$6003/32474Mar 28, 2019A10455184
1501$1,296,750$6053/32143Nov 19, 2018R10445024
4802$1,400,000$7333/31909Oct 15, 2018A10527509
1901$1,550,000$7233/32435Oct 05, 2018A10504765
4706$1,350,000$6203/32228Sep 26, 2018A10437100
1102$1,145,000$8242/21389Aug 31, 2018A10284416
4508$1,450,000$6763/32146Aug 15, 2018A10445207
1403$775,000$6072/21276Jul 31, 2018A10422705
3308$1,650,000$8643/31909Jun 29, 2018H922696
1701$1,610,000$7513/32143May 08, 2018A10346319
1709$1,825,000$7493/32435Feb 07, 2018A10372946
4006$1,950,000$9003/32167Jan 18, 2018A10053937

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