When you think about Sunny Isles, you often think about all of the large and beautiful condominium complexes that populate the area. One of the best options for those who are looking to buy in the area is Trump Tower 1. You can still find some great deals on the units available in the tower in many different sizes and configurations. Whether you are looking for a place to retire, raise your children, or you simply want a vacation home that’s just a short distance to everything the South Florida area has to offer, this tower is for you.

 Trump Tower 1 Sold

Trump Tower 1 has a fantastic location as well. It is close to the downtown area of Miami, as well as Fort Lauderdale. Residents of the tower will also love that they are just a few short steps from the gorgeous beach and water. This tower is the epitome of luxury living in one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas of the world. Thanks to all of the options and features of the building, as well as the location, it’s a perfect place to live! Contact us today to learn more about buying a unit at Trump Tower 1.


Now, after looking at all the recent sales details of the Trump Tower 1, you would have better understanding of the status of the property. If you are willing to explore more about the availability of apartments, condos or penthouses, you should not waste any more of your precious time. Contact Leon Bell, broker of Sunny Realty at 1-305-998-9922.

1106$1,350,000$5803/32327Jun 08, 2020A10691354
1705$620,000$4322/21435May 26, 2020A10817663
4101$1,860,000$6723/32768Apr 01, 2020R10596998
1807$1,025,000$4873/30Jan 28, 2020A10731840
3106$1,200,000$5163/32327Jan 10, 2020A10660061
3205$755,000$5162/21885Nov 05, 2019A10643877
3202$950,000$4803/31979Sep 23, 2019A10673110
1602$1,000,000$5053/31979Aug 30, 2019A10664654
1806$1,350,000$5283/32950Jul 31, 2019A10602801
2001$2,190,000$7483/33328May 14, 2019A10606384
906$1,275,000$5483/32327May 02, 2019A10576994
3807$1,010,000$4803/32106Apr 19, 2019A10626213
801$2,114,500$7643/32768Apr 01, 2019A10570120
4004$1,691,000$6613/32558Feb 21, 2019A10560984
704$1,400,000$6023/32327Oct 02, 2018A10462182
504$1,140,000$4903/32327Sep 14, 2018A10480451
1801$1,700,000$5813/32928Aug 16, 2018A10427655
1402$1,050,000$5313/31979Aug 13, 2018A10347844
804$1,400,000$6023/32327Jun 29, 2018A10418097
1907$1,075,000$5103/32106Mar 28, 2018A10349538
3602$1,075,000$5433/31979Mar 16, 2018A10088402
3407$1,125,000$03/32106Mar 15, 2018R10347112
2003$1,030,000$5253/31962Mar 01, 2018A10258046
406$1,150,000$4893/32354Feb 08, 2018A10307433
2303$1,155,000$5973/32162Nov 16, 2017A10226102
2704$1,475,000$6343/32558Nov 13, 2017F10081660
3006$1,590,000$6223/32950Jul 07, 2017A10218323
1102$1,310,000$6623/31979Apr 27, 2017F10043974

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