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Sunny Isles is a great area for families who are looking to buy a new condominium. It features a fantastic location with good nearby schools and a safe overall environment. Trump Tower I is one of the most popular buildings in the area, and it could very well be the best choice for you and your family.

Take some time to look at all of the different units that are currently available in the building and see which of these might appeal to you the most. You have some wonderful options of varying sizes, and you should be able to find something that fits your needs. In addition to the regular residential units, the penthouses at Trump Tower I are also currently for sale. They are much larger and have many other features than the condos do, and they could be a good fit for your family if you want to live in true luxury.

When you are searching for a property that fits your particular needs, make sure that you consider all of your different requirements. Look for a property that’s in the ideal location, has the perfect number of rooms, and is at a price you can afford. Sunny Isles is a very popular area in which to live thanks to the great location, the wonderful schools, and the variety of real estate properties available. Check out the properties that interest you and get in touch with us so we can help to put you into a dream home.

3 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Tower 1 condo
3201$4,189,000$1,5133/4/12768Oct 07, 2019A10744199
4201$2,700,000$9753/4/12768Sep 18, 2020A10928493
1401$2,290,000$7823/4/12928Feb 11, 2019A10614338
3501$2,099,000$7583/4/12768Aug 19, 2019A10725188
1201$1,850,000$6683/4/12768Oct 05, 2018A10549002
3804$1,790,000$6073/4/12950Dec 18, 2018A10586781
4004$1,790,000$7693/4/12327Aug 31, 2020A10919146
3606$1,750,000$7523/4/12327Apr 09, 2020A10841391
4102$1,600,000$8083/4/11979Jul 07, 2020A10694453
507$1,599,000$7593/3/02106Feb 28, 2020A10824881
904$1,599,000$03/4/10Jun 24, 2020A10881060
1904$1,500,000$6453/4/12327Aug 18, 2020A10911290
3207$1,450,000$6893/3/02106Jul 09, 2019A10702767
3607$1,349,000$6413/3/02106Jul 05, 2018A10496168
2707$1,275,000$6053/3/02106Feb 11, 2019A10614335
2407$1,270,000$6033/3/02106Feb 27, 2020A10781307
1203$1,200,000$6123/3/01962Oct 10, 2018A10551280
1407$1,199,900$5703/3/02106Feb 27, 2020A10819714
2202$1,190,000$6013/3/01979May 21, 2020A10861620
2107$1,174,990$5583/3/02106May 08, 2020A10855854
3703$1,150,000$5863/3/01962Feb 01, 2019A10610388
3307$1,150,000$5463/3/02106Feb 27, 2020A10813279
4202$1,150,000$5813/4/11979May 06, 2020A10853999
2007$1,120,000$03/3/00Feb 27, 2020A10822116
3103$1,090,000$5563/3/01962Feb 01, 2019A10609510
802$1,090,000$5513/4/11979Mar 15, 2019A10636593
3707$1,089,000$5173/3/02106Jul 31, 2019A10649489
2303$1,079,000$5503/3/01962Sep 04, 2020A10921496
2 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Tower 1 condo
1907$1,290,000$6132/3/02106Jul 20, 2020A10892809
907$1,180,000$5602/3/02106Jun 09, 2020A10868288
3507$1,000,000$4752/3/02106Feb 06, 2019A10612729
4105$890,000$6202/2/01435Feb 27, 2020A10799581
3905$870,000$6062/2/01435Dec 08, 2018A10581839
2705$779,000$5432/2/01435Oct 28, 2019A10763317
2405$775,000$5402/2/01435Apr 07, 2020A10843172
1405$745,000$5192/2/01435Sep 25, 2019A10745215
805$680,000$4742/2/01435Jun 02, 2020A10866854

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