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When you are looking for a place to call home, you want to know you are buying a high quality property that has the amenities and features you really need. Trump Royale understands that you want and deserve the best, and you can really see and feel that once you start looking at the units in the building. You’ll see that the building is a wonderful place to choose as your next home.

The residential units at Trump Royale feature a wealth of amenities and happen to be quite spacious and modern. In addition to the regular residences, you may also want to consider the Trump Royale penthouses. These are larger and have even more features that you might want.

Families always need to consider a number of things when they are making a home purchase. The location is important, and they need to know they have enough space for everyone to be happy. Trump Royale is close for the commute, close to quality schools and hospitals, as well as plenty of fun and interesting things to see and do. If you are looking for a wonderful condo package, it’s time to talk with us. Contact us today and get the details you need to make Trump Royale your new residence.

7 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
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5 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
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4 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
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TS2449500011824/5/13806Nov 22, 2021A11127723
3 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
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3604239900011043/5/12174Oct 01, 2021A11105158
5306230000010763/4/12137Jul 30, 2021A11072011
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80620500009603/4/12137Jan 13, 2022A11144683
340419000008743/4/12174Feb 09, 2021A10996201
2 Bedrooms for sale in Trump Royale condo
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390615500009602/3/11614Jul 15, 2021A11070681
480614450008962/3/11614Dec 16, 2021A11136710
330814200009042/3/11570Oct 27, 2021A11116657
110112990007882/3/11649Oct 14, 2021A11111384
520212970008662/3/11499Jul 27, 2021A11075854
110511250009502/2/01183Nov 29, 2021A11129311
1101A9850007642/2/01289Nov 05, 2021A11120637
1 Bedroom for sale in Trump Royale condo
50397600010681/2/1914Dec 21, 2020A10973831
39027100007421/2/1958Jun 22, 2021A11059800

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