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South Florida has a lot going for it. It has a gorgeous waterfront and a healthy economy. The people who live in the area love life and they love to get out and enjoy it at every opportunity. To accommodate for those who want to live in the area, you will find some fantastic luxury condominiums, such as those at the Trump Royale. Those who want luxury and who crave life on the beach will adore the building. The popularity of the building seems to keep growing. Let’s get a closer look at the statistics.

The Tower and Units

The tower went up in 2007 and features a number of different sized condos, along with gorgeous penthouses. In all, the building offers 235 residences across 53 stories. Currently, there are 26 units available, but you do have to keep in mind a couple of things. First, due to the popularity of the area and building, it means that these can go very quickly. When you see something available that interests you, it is vital that you act quickly. Also, some units are for rent only.

Price Packages

A price package has its basis on the size of the unit, along with the features. Naturally, different sized units will have higher or lower costs, and the price packages help to make it easy to understand the price and what you are actually getting. Again, as the popularity rises, and the availability goes down, it could mean that the prices of the units will rise. Buying or locking in a rental right now, before the prices increase, is a good idea for those who have been considering moving to Trump Royale.

The Demand Keeps Rising at Trump Royale

The desire to live in Trump Royale is at an all time high, and we’re not seeing any waning in peoples’ enthusiasm for the building. The building has plenty to love. Let’s start with the location. People want to live here because the location is perfect. They are right next to the water, and they are only a short distance from places such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This means that commuting, whether you are going to work or looking for some entertainment, is always easy.

It is not all about the location though. There is also plenty to love when it comes to the interior of the building and the amenities it offers, not to mention the units themselves. The spa, fitness center, and security are just icing on the cake. These units are moving quickly whenever they become available, so do not delay. Get in touch with us today.

Sales Stats in Sunny Isles

Over the past couple of years, real estate has really been booming in Sunny Isles. As the boom progressed, the price of the properties increased along with it by about 2.6%. It shows signs of growth in real estate in the area, and it’s very good for business. It is also good that the growth looks poised to continue. Those who own in the area and those who buy soon will have some nice potential growth when it comes to the value of their property.

The average price of condos in the area is $1,545,547. While many of the high-end condos at Trump Royale fall into this category, you will find some lower priced properties there as well. It all depends on the price package and the size of the unit, along with the amenities it offers. It all depends on what you want and what your budget is for your new place. You can still find some great options in the area that are affordable. However, you will not want to wait too long to scoop these up, as they move fast when they come onto the market.

Demand continues to grow in Sunny Isles, so making an investment now is a good idea. You could choose to live in the home, or you might be one of the many who decide to buy and then use it as a rental investment. You have a number of options available. You will also find that the increase in strength of the real estate market has been good for the overall growth and economy in the Sunny Isles area. Find something that works well for you.


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