The core reason for the popularity of the properties in Sunny Isles Beach is proximity to the beach. The adjacent bay in the east and Atlantic Ocean in the west along with a better accessibility to Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports have made the properties incredible throughout the world.

The luxurious amenities and the accessibility have placed Trump Palace at the top of the condo demand. In South Florida there are uncountable condominiums, but Trump Palace has the difference. The basic aspect is that it has managed everything that a buyer or investor dreams to have in a condo property.

To explore more about this exceptional foundation, it is better to have a glance on the recent statistics.


Trump Palace includes varied sized condos with varied facilities. The 53 storey building has 235 condos in total and at present twenty six condos is ready for sale that is 11% of the total. Among these twenty six condos, nineteen condos are available for rent currently and that is 8% of the total available property for sale.

The varied condos include from single bedroom condo to large sized penthouse. So, one can easily understand that Trump Palace is the best point to make a better choice after determining all the factors.




Trump Palace condos are managed in varied price and it has an average price of $1,307 per square feet. The maximum price per square feet is $2414 and the lowest price has a range of $1021.

It is declared that the above statistics are based on the present availability and all these price packages including available condos can vary according to the market change. Buyers as well as sellers are advised to check the most current statistics of the properties they are considering for a deal.




The available facilities and the stunning location of Trump Palace have placed it at the top of demand. Undoubtedly there is a rice of prices for each condominium in Sunny Isles; Trump Palace condos are also available at the same range. In 2013, there were sixteen condos available for re-sale and this year there are twenty three condos are available for sale in the market.

Due to the high popularity of Trump Palace, there is a high chance that all the available condos will be sold within the end of this current year. So, if you are eager to get a place in your dream tower, there is no time to waste. There are different sized condos to meet your actual space requirement in varied price. So, find an authorized realtor of Trump Palace and choose your luxurious living place.




For several months the rise of prices is increasing for the condos available in Sunny Beach as well as in Trump Palace. It records a growth of 2.6% from the earlier quarter. So, it is the signal of emergence for real estate industry and that is favorable to all.

According to, the average price of condos is moving around $1,545,547 and the price package is same at Trump Palace. There are many condos available at below the average price as well as there are also other those cost above the average price. Moreover, the available facilities and accommodation are the key measures to determine the price packages and in Trump Palace the available facilities are of highest quality.

Just explore the overview of the sales made in past few years and you will get a clear picture about the demand as well as the sales statistics of the Sunny isles condos. In 2012, there was a sale of 367 condos in more than half million dollars. 2013 experienced a little price rise and has recorded a sale of 256 luxurious condos. This crazy and rising price of Sunny isles condos are likely to be continued.

The prices of the condos are not out of range right now and as the price is raising continuously this is the best time to make real estate investment. It is not a good time only for the buyers, but sellers can also experience high profit at this peak season. So, you must understand the fact that the prices are changing on an instant basis, so make your deal right now and before starting the operation you must check the latest price stats.


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