Trump Tower III has a reputation as being one of the best buildings in the Sunny Isles beach area, and when you look at the beautiful and varied units, which tend to have fantastic views, it’s easy to see why people love it. You will be able to choose from some large units, such as the penthouse, as well as smaller units. Whatever you need in terms of space and style, chances are very good that you will find it at Trump Tower III. The units have modern features, and the building has an array of amenities, including a gym.

When you want the best, you want the units at Trump Tower III. Not only do the individual units have plenty to offer, but you will find that the location is highly convenient. You are close to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and you will be just a few steps away from the beach. You’ll love everything about the tower and the sense of community it can provide. There’s always something to see and do just outside your door. If you want to buy a home in the Sunny Isles area, make sure you check out this tower! Contact us today.

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Now that you’ve seen some of the recent sales and have a better idea of just why these properties are selling so well, it may have elevated your interest about Trump TowerIII. Get in touch with us today so you can learn more about the properties that are currently available at the building and find your very own dream condominium or penthouse property.

607$1,145,000$5492/32084Jul 22, 2021R10726281
1705$755,000$02/20Jul 02, 2021A10943949
2105$795,000$5432/21463Jun 25, 2021R10719845
2706$1,385,000$5413/32558Jun 22, 2021A10741451
2703$1,200,000$6203/31935Jun 21, 2021A10873175
701$2,150,000$7343/32928Jun 14, 2021A11018905
504$1,250,000$4893/32558Jun 01, 2021A10962610
804$1,340,000$5243/32558May 26, 2021A10897208
2307$1,150,000$5523/32084May 24, 2021A11004236
1506$1,390,000$5433/32558May 24, 2021A10897348
1202$1,240,000$6283/31974May 19, 2021A10945806
3601$2,350,000$8033/32928May 18, 2021A11014813
4103$1,101,000$5693/31935May 13, 2021A10656293
1205$690,000$4722/21463Apr 30, 2021A10484633
2503$1,127,000$5823/31935Apr 30, 2021A11005275
503$1,000,000$5173/31935Apr 30, 2021A10980360
3801$2,572,000$8783/32928Apr 30, 2021A10982816
1905$690,000$4722/21463Mar 30, 2021A10990895
PH 4302$1,230,000$6233/31974Mar 26, 2021A10866070
2201$2,350,000$8033/32928Mar 19, 2021A10973588
4303$1,055,000$5453/31935Mar 17, 2021A10883175
3505$750,000$5132/21463Mar 11, 2021A10958570
1801$2,000,000$6833/32928Mar 05, 2021A10419861
802$1,025,000$5193/31974Mar 02, 2021A10961473
4003$1,030,000$5323/31935Feb 26, 2021A10971558
2702$1,070,000$5423/31974Feb 08, 2021A10938788
1604$1,440,000$5633/32558Feb 03, 2021A10965187
2607$985,000$4733/32084Jan 29, 2021A10905550
1201$2,100,000$7173/32928Jan 19, 2021A10852030
1901$1,950,000$6663/32928Dec 22, 2020A10872099
2804$1,210,000$4733/32558Nov 25, 2020A10888788
1203$1,020,000$5273/31935Nov 12, 2020A10876450
2406$1,200,000$4693/32558Nov 10, 2020A10485696
2301$1,650,000$5643/32928Nov 06, 2020A10788600
3902$1,020,000$5173/31974Oct 29, 2020A10471724
2104$1,200,000$4693/32558Oct 16, 2020A10855344
3306$1,325,000$5183/32558Oct 02, 2020A10598761
4007$950,000$4562/32311Sep 06, 2020A10329559
3604$1,325,000$5183/32558Sep 04, 2020A10856489
3503$950,000$4913/31935Jul 08, 2020A10856410
402$760,000$3693/32061Jul 02, 2020A10785237
3704$1,350,000$5283/32558May 01, 2020A10804814
3703$830,000$4293/31935Jan 31, 2020A10754730
3703$830,000$4293/31935Jan 31, 2020A10754730
2203$850,000$4393/31935Dec 23, 2019A10665816
2203$850,000$4393/31935Dec 23, 2019A10665816
1604$1,375,000$5383/32558Nov 05, 2019A10720907
1604$1,375,000$5383/32558Nov 05, 2019A10720907
2404$1,350,000$5283/32558Oct 18, 2019A10721878
2906$1,385,000$5413/32558Jul 08, 2019A10593124
2403$1,120,000$5793/31935Jun 07, 2019A10659404
901$2,000,000$6833/32928Mar 20, 2019A10551321
1007$1,050,000$5043/32084Feb 27, 2019A10475100
2001$2,000,000$6833/32928Feb 08, 2019A10572570
3402$1,150,000$5833/31974Jan 25, 2019A10448163
905$758,000$5182/20Jan 17, 2019A10531027
903$1,080,000$5583/31935Sep 21, 2018A10485312
2905$855,000$5842/20Aug 16, 2018A10470061
1607$1,450,000$6963/32311Jul 30, 2018A10402541
2501$2,200,000$7513/32928Jun 28, 2018A10243800
3101$1,850,000$6323/32928Jun 04, 2018F10123136
1901$2,300,000$7863/32928May 25, 2018A10419853
1403$1,090,000$5633/32162Feb 22, 2018A10384623
2905$845,000$5782/21463Jan 22, 2018A10266129

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