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South Florida Home Prices Could Rise Due to Trump Tariffs

Recently, Donald Trump imposed hefty tariffs on other nations, which could have inadvertently caused the home prices in South Florida to start rising even further and faster. The tariffs Trump demanded be placed on suppliers from Europe, Mexico, and Canada have now found those suppliers facing a 25% tax on steel and a 10% tax on aluminum that is imported to the United States. What does this mean for developers, builders, and ultimately the homebuyers.

It means that the cost of homes is going to go up by at least 5% over the course of the next several months. The suppliers are naturally going to have to increase the cost of the materials to help make up for the tariffs, which gets passed on to the developers and then on to those who are going to be buying the homes. Estimates are that this could push up the price of homes by between $20,000 and $30,000, perhaps more in some cases.

Why Was This Not Foreseen by the Real Estate Industry?

When the tariffs were put into place in March, many in the real estate industry in Florida did not think that it would affect the prices of homes very much. The industry in Florida tends to create most of the properties utilizing concrete and rebar made in the United States. Visit the company website for complete sales history of Trump condos in Sunny Isles Beach. This is so they can stand up to the winds of hurricanes. However, the addition of these tariffs has created a sense of uncertainty across the real estate and construction industry.

In fact, it has changed the way that many of the contractors are handling their business. A number of the contractors are no longer looking in pricing for more than two to three months, and this could create additional rises in the costs of building and thus the costs of buying a property.

It is important to keep in mind that these tariffs did not only affect steel and aluminum, but other products from Europe, Mexico, and Canada, as well, including Canadian lumber. Some builders are seeing a rise in costs by as much as 10.5% thanks to the 24% duty that Trump has been placed on Canadian lumber. Rebar has also increased in price by about 58% according to some builders.

With the continual tariffs, the costs are not going to be coming down, and there is a change that the price of building is going to continue to rise. When you couple this with the fact that there is a construction labor shortage in Miami, that is also affecting much of the rest of the country, there are worries that the price could climb even higher, and that construction could slow down.
While it is clear that this means people in the construction business and homebuyers are going to be dealing with increased prices all around, it is unclear for how long this will affect the market in the area, or to what degree.

Living in Trump Towers in Sunny Isles Miami

State-of-the-art architectural features along with top-notch amenities define Trump Towers of Miami as one of the most desirable oceanfront condos. This building is located in one of the most fantastic places to live – Sunny Isles Beach, which offers convenience of a modern city, yet comfort and quietness of a small town.


There are three identical towers comprising of over 800 luxury residencies. This mega complex offers modern day amenities such as gym, spa, several swimming pools, private beach, tasty café and of course full service, including beach service, valet, concierge and much more.


You will fall in love with all those features of the building and its units. An experience of luxury living is something that will awe you for sure and this is the specialty of these buildings of Trump Miami. The towers are 45-stories each, reaching into the sky! This means residents of these towers will have clear view of the ocean and fantastic views of the surrounding area. In addition, they also offer 250 feet of beachfront which is perfect for those looking for a nice property which is right on the water.

As a resident of this Sunny Isles Miami condo, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and sparkling water. You will get to see just a few steps away from your home! At the towers, there is a gorgeous three-storied lobby. You can enjoy views of the ocean from there. You will also get services of their round the clock concierge, valet and security. So, living there will be no-worry about security and guarantee of a peace of mind.


You don’t have to worry about the safety of your vehicles. They will be safe under the lens of the security personnel, under the covered area. Your car will be parked at a secure parking area, in the garage.


If you want spa, heated swimming pool, poolside bar, you will get all these in addition to a gorgeous landscaping around the property. You can enjoy a drink on those hot days and chill around in the pool while swimming!


By bringing them all for your service and enjoyment, it is intended to guarantee that they can keep you in great shape. You can visit the health spa and the fitness center that has all of the equipment and machines you need to keep in shape. Find there cabanas also, plus club room for you to enjoy!


Trump Towers Sunny Isles Miami spa offers the chill for you as said above. You will get a private elevator that brings you straight up to foyers! Many such modern facilities and amenities are available for their residents so they can enjoy the luxury of living to its fullest.

Trump Sunny Isles Will Fulfill Your Condo Living Desires

A luxurious oceanfront living style is something that Trump Group has been specializing in delivering in the Miami area, specifically on the beautiful beaches of Sunny Isles. Although the prices vary quite a bit since all condos are different in size, floor location and the views. However, living in any Trump Sunny Isles condo assures an ultra luxurious life style with top notch amenities and private beach.


There are three “Trump” condo complexes in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida – Trump Palace, Trump Royale and Trump Towers. These condos are always in high demand and over the course of time have a proven track record of sound investment. The three condo towers have varied sized condos in varied price packages and you can easily manage one of those just according to your need.



  • Trump Palace

To experience real luxury living, you definitely have to step into Trump Palace as it is like the glittering star among the available condos of Miami. There 278 units in total and those contain varied luxurious amenities that you have dreamt for a longer time. The condo size varies from 1197 sq ft to 6300 sq ft. Entire foundation has been wrapped with advanced marble flooring and each and every step will make you understand what a sophisticated lifestyle means.

  • Trump Royale

This 55 storey condo tower is situated at Collins Avenue and the most interesting factors are that you can easily get the glances of sea view just sitting at the garden terraces. The condos have got more living space, in built laundry and dryers, advanced air condition, modular kitchen amenities, sensor-based securities and many more. To get more detail, you can easily check the online business listing on the web.


  • Trump Towers

Trump Towers Miami is the collaboration of three consecutive condo towers and each condo is the latest symbol of luxurious lifestyle. Trump Tower condos also contain almost all of the necessary luxurious amenities and to get a closer view you have to step into one of these dreamlike places. Trump Towers Miami offer private elevators to reach your own space and this is definitely a better height of security. After whole days work fatigue, you can easily make some leisure sitting at the common ground with a bath at the heated swimming pool.
So, all of these are some basic aspects of Trump condos available at Miami region. To make a purchase decision, you can better consult an expert professional like Leon Bell (305) 998-9922, just available in your reach.

Are You Familiar With the Exceptional Amenities In Trump Condos?

Sunny Isles Beach offers a luxurious lifestyle and this oceanfront city is already ranking among the top. This city offers pristine white-sand beaches and high-rise luxury condos located directly on the beach.  The Trump condos however stand out from the rest. Since the beginning, the Trump Miami condos were super popular among the investors and the end-users who chose to make their Trump Condo a home. It is common now to assume that Trump condominiums, not just in Sunny Isles Beach, but all over the US mean the ultimate luxurious amenities in the top-notch building.
There are three specific Trump residences developments in Sunny Isles Beach. Those are  Trump Royale, Trump Palace and Trump Towers. Each development is located directly on the ocean and offers similar level amenities.  Trump Towers are the newest and located in the Sothern-most point of Sunny Isles.  Trump Royale and Trump Palace however offer tennis courts, which Trump Towers doesn’t. So, if you are searching for the luxurious lifestyle at a smart price – Trump Miami condos are for you!
Trump Palace
Trump Palace is situated at the center point in the Sunny Isles Beach and here you will enjoy the best accessibility of varied living options, such as shopping centers across the street, offices, entertainment, etc. Besides that, there are 278 luxurious condos in total and those are managed with varied size and luxuries. The target is to meet the varied affordability of the buyers. The condos include more and more space in the living room with all the instant services of the home owner association and so on. Simply, Living among the advanced amenities along with view of blue Atlantic will be a different course of experience throughout your life.
Trump Royale
Trump Royale is another stunning condo located next to Trump Palace. It too is located conveniently across all major shopping, so you don’t even need a car. This 55 story condo tower offers magnificent views on the Intracoastal waters and of course the Atlantic ocean.  There are various size condos available as well as top level amenities. The great variation of price allows families with lower budge to get into this beautiful complex. You will always be happy when choosing a condo at Trump Royale.
Trump Towers
Trump Towers consist of three identical towers next to each other. These are 45-story towers  located right before the Haulover Park, so you are literally 5 minutes away from the famous Bal Harbour shops.  The units in Trump Towers are probably the least expensive among luxury condos and therefore in great demand. If you are considering to make purchase at this time, do look at available units for sale in Trump Tower I, Trump Tower II and Trump Tower II. The condos offer different packages and amenities including larger bedrooms, terraces with sea view, laundry and dryers, advanced marble flooring and air conditioning and many more. So, now, you have to determine your place after making the right choice in any of the Trump Sunny Isles condos.
For more information, you can check our website here – There you will find the price packages and availability of condos, or contact Leon Bell – (305) 998-9922 – one of the top realtors in Sunny Isles Beach.