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South Florida Home Prices Could Rise Due to Trump Tariffs

Recently, Donald Trump imposed hefty tariffs on other nations, which could have inadvertently caused the home prices in South Florida to start rising even further and faster. The tariffs Trump demanded be placed on suppliers from Europe, Mexico, and Canada have now found those suppliers facing a 25% tax on steel and a 10% tax on aluminum that is imported to the United States. What does this mean for developers, builders, and ultimately the homebuyers.

It means that the cost of homes is going to go up by at least 5% over the course of the next several months. The suppliers are naturally going to have to increase the cost of the materials to help make up for the tariffs, which gets passed on to the developers and then on to those who are going to be buying the homes. Estimates are that this could push up the price of homes by between $20,000 and $30,000, perhaps more in some cases.

Why Was This Not Foreseen by the Real Estate Industry?

When the tariffs were put into place in March, many in the real estate industry in Florida did not think that it would affect the prices of homes very much. The industry in Florida tends to create most of the properties utilizing concrete and rebar made in the United States. Visit the company website for complete sales history of Trump condos in Sunny Isles Beach. This is so they can stand up to the winds of hurricanes. However, the addition of these tariffs has created a sense of uncertainty across the real estate and construction industry.

In fact, it has changed the way that many of the contractors are handling their business. A number of the contractors are no longer looking in pricing for more than two to three months, and this could create additional rises in the costs of building and thus the costs of buying a property.

It is important to keep in mind that these tariffs did not only affect steel and aluminum, but other products from Europe, Mexico, and Canada, as well, including Canadian lumber. Some builders are seeing a rise in costs by as much as 10.5% thanks to the 24% duty that Trump has been placed on Canadian lumber. Rebar has also increased in price by about 58% according to some builders.

With the continual tariffs, the costs are not going to be coming down, and there is a change that the price of building is going to continue to rise. When you couple this with the fact that there is a construction labor shortage in Miami, that is also affecting much of the rest of the country, there are worries that the price could climb even higher, and that construction could slow down.
While it is clear that this means people in the construction business and homebuyers are going to be dealing with increased prices all around, it is unclear for how long this will affect the market in the area, or to what degree.

Explore the Varied Amenities at Trump Condos in Sunny Isles

Trump Towers in Sunny Isles are wonderful real estate addition to the area, well-known as the Venice of America. This real estate property consists of three identical towers containing a total of 271 units and each one of them prides on having top-of-the-line unique amenities.


Those three Trump Towers in Sunny Isles are Trump Royale Sunny Isles Condo, Trump Palace Sunny Isles Condo, and Trump Towers Sunny Isles Condo.


Trump Royale Sunny Isles is one of the most beautiful and impressive places in all of the Sunny Isles. This gorgeous 55-story tower is located along Collins Avenue and is mere steps away from the beach. From inside every unit of this Trump Sunny Isles tower, residents will get views of the ocean and fantastic views of the location and the Intracoastal Waterway also. Get a range of luxuries also which starts with distance between this tower and the heart of Miami. Besides, this tower can be the perfect place for couples, families, retirees and more. For the convenience of the residents, penthouses will be a great interest. Having them will help accommodate more people. You will get all sizes and types of property.


For last few years, the area around Miami has been one of the hottest places to buy real estate. As you visit Sunny Isles, you can view a number of real estate properties lining along the beach. Among them, Trump Sunny Isles properties are definitely beautiful and people will desire to own a property at any of them upon viewing them at the very first sight.

Take a look at the Trump Palace Sunny Isles Condo. This gorgeous tower is 55 stories high and offers 278 units. The size of properties range from 1197 square feet to over 6300 square feet. As you get a variety of unit sizes, you can get by a unit therewith allowing you to accommodate nearly all of your expectations. Besides the gorgeous location, its architectural design will surely wonder you. Get view of the location and the ocean plus of the Miami skyline. Living in the building is living in the luxury and you can notice this from the minute you step inside of the building lobby. Even if you don’t want to live longer there, you can buy a property here because this can be your great opportunity of making investment.


Among three Trump Sunny Isles properties, Trump Towers Sunny Isles Condo is the nicest one from the rest of gorgeous buildings. There is a three-story lobby in the tower and you will be able to avail the services of the 24 hour concierge. You will get services of the valet, concierge, and many more of the likes. So, as regards security and necessary service facilities, residents will get no dearth of them at this Trump Sunny Isles property.